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Snapshot Saturday

Well, just in under the wire. It is still Saturday though, and I still want to post my snapshot, so here goes…

San Diego 2010 008

Anyone who knows me also knows that I pretty much live in these bad boys all summer long. In fact, I’d say I live in them eight or nine months out of the year. These puppies, do not however, get to experience sand on even an infrequent basis. I don’t mean desert sand like the kind we have in the wash behind our house. I mean like silky fine beach sand. So this was a moment worth documenting ;)

Oh, and if you’ve never treated your tootsies to a pair of Reefs…you’re missing out. Buy some now. Your feet will thank you if you are a flip flop lover. BUT…they have to be the “Sandy” (no pun intended) make. Yes indeed. Reefs are the only way to flip flop.


Snapshot Saturday {TIME}